Material currently posted on this website addressing FASEA's legislative obligations will be refreshed from time to time and visitors are encouraged to periodically review FASEA postings.

FASEA releases

Proposed Guidance for Existing Advisers on qualification pathways - 14 December 2017

Download Proposed Guidance below

New Entrant Degree Standard - 24 October 2017

Download Standards Announcement below

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FASEA CONSULTATION - Proposed Guidance on Qualifications Pathways for Existing Advisers (pdf)


FASEA Announcement - New Entrant Degree Standard and plans for standards transition framework 241017 (pdf)


FASEA Legislative work program

FASEA legislative work program (pdf)


The Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC) is currently completing a re-accreditation cycle for programs and providers. An updated list of course pathways aligning to the FASEA New Entrant Degree Standard will be provided when available.